Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine

OU-HCOM_logo_color (2)Gregory Hill, D.O. – Timothy Law Sr. D.O.
Ohio University Society of Alumni and Friends


“When approached in 2012 to co-sponsor stethoscopes, we responded with a resounding “yes”!  You have truly started a new tradition at the college, and inspired not only our students, faculty and staff, but also our alumni and friends.  We intend for this annual gift to become a new tradition at the college.”


Kenneth H. Johnson
Dean – OU-HCOM


“I am pleased to lend my support to the Jason Madachy Foundation.  One of our students received a stethoscope through you foundation and was so moved by Jason’s story and your kindness that she was inspired to connect your foundation with the Heritage College and her fellow alumni. Sometimes the source of the most powerful inspirations comes from one’s peers.”


Kenneth Johnson D.O.  –  Athen, Ohio

William Burke D.O.  – Dublin, Ohio

Isaac Kirstein D.O.  –  Cleveland, Ohio